Houston Chronicle: The Mosbacher’s host President’s 80th Birthday Bash

Houston Chronicle: The Mosbacher’s host President’s 80th Birthday Bash

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Hodge: Bush birthday is one big party

SHELBY HODGE, Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle | June 14, 2004

TALK about people power. Not since the 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations has Houston hosted such a wealth of dignitaries as the flock that winged through town over the weekend for 41’s 80th birthday. And that made for some very interesting beneath-the-radar partying.

Five former heads of state, the sitting president and vice president all popped in at one time or another to honor former President George H.W. Bush.

Vice President Dick Cheney, secretary of defense under 41, and his wife, Lynne, all but sneaked into town for the Saturday afternoon reunion of the former president’s cabinet. Mica and Bob Mosbacher, Bush’s secretary of commerce, hosted the powerful get-together that included the former president and Barbara Bush,BrentScowcroft, James A. Baker III, C. Boyden Gray and others.

Texas A&M University cadets sang Happy Birthday, and Max Fisher of Franklin, Mich., a Republican stalwart who at 95 is the oldest person on Forbes’ 400 wealthiest list, was there to offer many happy returns.

The previous night, the congenial Mosbachers hosted the more intimate after-party that followed the 41@80 VIP reception for 400 that had been held across the street in the home of Nancy and Rich Kinder.

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