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Mosbacher Memoir Featured in YourHoustonNews.com

Mosbacher memoir part of family’s healing

By STEVE MARK | Updated 

4ce8bf83d031d.preview-300Not even a year has passed since Mica Mosbacher lost her husband, former Secretary of Commerce Bob Mosbacher. Mica’s grieving process since Mosbacher’s death in January alternates between pain, healing, laughter, and now, a book, which was a work in progress until only a few weeks before his passing.

“It made things harder for a while,” said Mica in the wake of last week’s release of Going to Windward: A Mosbacher Family Memoir. “It feels like part of me is gone. There’s a heaviness to grief, and you’re constantly being pulled down by an undertow, so you’re having to prop yourself up every day. It takes courage do to that, particularly when someone was so connected.”

That’s when Mica begins to smile again. “He was a friend of everyone’s—he had an amazing way of connecting with people,” she said. “He really never met a stranger, and he was really consistent with the way he treated people from all walks of life.

Bob Mosbacher fought a lengthy bout with pancreatic cancer. He collaborated with former White House writer Jim McGrath on the book.

“It just started as a series of conversations about whatever he might have been reflecting on,” said McGrath. “It’s somewhat surreal to see it packaged up now. He was larger than life, and to somehow fit his larger than life story into a book is a daunting prospect. He seemed happy with it.”

Going to Windward discusses Mosbacher’s successes in sailing (he was a world champion), business and politics, including his friendship with Pres. George H.W. Bush. Woven through the memoir is the influence of Mosbacher’s father Emil, who immigrated to the United States and became a noteworthy stock trader.

“He (Bob) was proud of his immigrant heritage, and he was always concerned about the tenor of the debate on immigration,” said McGrath.

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