Mica Mosbacher on txgarage.com

Mica Mosbacher on txgarage.com

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RACING FORWARD BY MICA MOSBACHER is the personal, inspirational history of Mica Mosbacher, the widow of former Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher, Sr. With their marriage abbreviated by death, Mica was on her own, suffering a very personal loss while recognizing the very real need to reinvent herself.

That reinvention steered her to Ferrari racing. And while buying or leasing a competition Ferrari won’t be everyone’s path, a car or racing enthusiast will find a worthwhile perspective, while life enthusiasts can benefit from Mosbacher’s very personal recollection. Photos skew toward trophy wife than racing trophies (although the cover photo features Mosbacher suited for the starting line), but that – we’ll guess – is what happens when marrying the well connected. Published by Bright Sky Press, the Mosbacher memoir is $24.95.



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