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US Presidential race: Ted Cruz reaches out to Jewish donors and voters


When Ted Cruz headlined a recent fundraising luncheon in New York, the Baptist senator was presented with a gift: a menorah.

“It was very heartfelt,” Mica Mosbacher, a Cruz supporter who was there, said of the feelings on both sides. “He strikes a chord with the Jewish community.”

Cruz, the son of a pastor, has spent several years aggressively courting the support of Jewish voters, particularly those who are Orthodox. Touting his conservative views on Israel, his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal and his adherence to traditional values, Cruz has found a conservative niche in the Orthodox community in a faith that leans Democratic overall.

On Monday, Cruz will address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is also hosting speeches from rivals Donald Trump and John Kasich. Last year, Cruz spoke at a dinner put on by a Jewish organisation in New York, attended a Passover gathering at a high-end California resort and met with Orthodox leaders in Brooklyn. He also has had numerous private meetings and fundraisers with Jewish voters in New York, South Florida and Los Angeles.

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