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Mica Mosbacher Fox News Super Tuesday

Mica Mosbacher Fox News Ted Cruz Florida Primary

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Traditional fundraising still holds sway in billion dollar campaign

The US presidential campaign is shaping up to the most expensive ever, with the current candidates jointly amassing almost a billion dollars in their campaign war chests.

A recent change in law allows committees – known as Super PACs – to raise unlimited and often anonymous funds.

But the traditional wealthy fundraiser with direct links to a candidate still as a part to play, as ITV News’ Julie Etchingham reports.

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Mica Mosbacher on Fox News – Ted Cruz Super Tuesday

Mica Mosbacher Fox News

Mica Mosbacher Supporting Ted Cruz on Fox News. Cruz and Rubio battle for 2nd in South Carolina.

Mica Mosbacher Fox News – Cavuto

Mica Mosbacher on Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall – 1.24.16