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Fox News Interview – Mica Mosbacher

Heidi Cruz is the high-powered political spouse we’ve rarely seen since Hillary Clinton

January 8 at 8:00 AM
When Heidi and Ted Cruz came to the Atlanta suburbs to campaign a few weeks ago, she perfectly played the role of political spouse: a loving gaze for her husband as he spoke, hands on the shoulders of their two daughters, beaming smiles for supporters.A few days earlier during a solo swing through Missouri, Heidi Cruz made clear that her other identity — hard-charging career woman with ambitions of her own — was never far from her mind.

“I want to tell you, I did take a leave of absence from work,” she told her audience, standing among shiny motorcycles on the sales floor of a Harley-Davidson dealership. “I wouldn’t have given up my job and the time with my girls if I did not really believe in my heart that Ted Cruz would win this election.”

No one has taken on more roles in the Cruz campaign than Heidi Cruz. Most visibly, she is the traditional campaign spouse. But she is also her husband’s chief fundraiser, a surrogate who hopscotches across the country asking voters, one meet-and-greet at a time, for their support — and in private meetings imploring political and faith leaders for theirs.

They are all new roles for Heidi Cruz. On leave from her career at Goldman Sachs in Houston, she has embarked on a journey unlike any she has navigated before — rearranging her entire life and applying her own substantial experience to serve the ambitions of her husband.

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